Azerbaijani broadcaster Ictimai Tv (ITV) has changed the date of deadline for song admission process. Those who have not got the opportunity to meet the deadline can prepare and submit their entires to until February 1.

Taking into account a number of requests from the composers Azerbaijani Public Television (ITV) has decided to extend song submissions deadline.

Entry must be sent as a mp3 file together with a bit information about song-writers. The song must be original and no longer than 3 minutes. Let the world hear your song!

According to Azerbaijani Head Of Delegation Isa Malikov who has previously worked as a composer and music producer, approximately 150 songs have already been submitted. Shortlisted entries will compete in the final round to be chosen as an Azerbaijani song for “Eurovision 2021” by special “Focus Group” which holds a great deal of music experts and fans around the world.

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