Earlier this year Gjon’s Tears was announced as the Swiss representative for “Eurovision 2020”. Gjon was due to represent Switzerland with the song in French “Répondez-moi” but, unfourtunetly, the contest got cancelled as COVID-19 pandemic continued to spread.

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A few days after the cancellation Swiss broadcaster SRF has confirmed that Gjon’s Tears will represent the country next year. A few weeks later, it was announced that broadcaster starts the preparations as serching for a song begins.

According to the announcement, unlike the last years the song will be chosen trough the special sessions which will include not only the songs that Gjon wrote himself but other songwriters as well.

I have an idea. I want to write the song half in Albanian and half in French. I’m a little bit scared because I don’t know Albanian well enough and I’m not sure if I can convey the full power of the lyrics. This is why I have to be a little more careful with Albanian when I write lyrics, so I need help” – said Gjon.

And today Gjon published for the first time in a long time Instagram-stories abouth the eurovision where he announced that he records a new song:

Me – no sir, I didn’t cheat, this time I studied. (while recording the next Eurovision song)“.

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