As “Eurovision 2021” approaches, excitement grows and we are all focused on competition. There was also growing interest in the identities of the 41 representatives.

177 days before the start of the competition, many countries have officially announced their representatives, stating that they will not make any changes to the selection of representatives and will kepp the artist from “Eurovision 2020”. However, there were many countries that “said goodbye” to the representatives from 2020 and decided to organize a new selection round.

And now we are getting more information about the ones we didn’t exactly know whether they will participate at “Eurovision 2021” or not.

Ben Dolic, one of the bookmaker’s favorites of “Eurovision 2020”, had to say goodbye to the competition. He published this information on his Instagram page. The singer told his fans that it was a hard decision to make, but he would not represent his country next year, and that he would continue his career in a different way. In his article, Ben wished success to Germany’s selection for Rotterdam 2021, and thanked those who supported him in this short time.

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Damir Kedžo, who was due to represent Croatia at “Eurovision 2020”, has made the decision for the next year. According to Croatian media, the singer will not represent his country next year, and this is his final decision. It was noted that earlier Damir’s COVID-19 test was also positive.

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Another representative who said goodbye to the competition was Axel Kankaanranta from Finland. Contrary to those who thought that the 22-year-old singer will take part at national selection, the singer rejected it. Axel said he wanted to participate in the selection rounds, but changed his mind at the last moment. The young singer did not rule out the possibility that the pandemic was ineffective.

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