• 7 Yan 2021

Azeri broadcaster ITV (İçtimai Televiziya) has announced song submissions for the “Eurovision 2021” Song Contest in Rotterdam!

Those who wants to submit his songs can send demo version of their songs to until January 19.

Rules for the songs remain the same as EBU standarts:

1. Song mustn’t be longer than 3 minutes;
2. Song mustn’t be commercially released before September 1;
3. Lyrics and melody must be original.

Songwriters and composers must send demo version as well as a bit information about themselves to the aforementioned email adress.

Samira Efendi is representing Azerbaijan in “Eurovision 2021” in Rotterdam. She is going to perform at the first semi final on 18 May.

Head of the Azerbaijani delegation is Isa Malikov who previously worked as producer and composer with some “Eurovision” artists.

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