Aisel (Aysel Mammadova) our Eurovision 2018 representative, released her new single called “Yat rahat” with Mugham maestro Alim Gasimov .

The singer sang “Yat rahat”( Sleep Well) together with People’s Artist Alim Gasimov, a song dedicated to children who were subjected to Armenian aggression.  Speaking about collaboration with the People’s Artist, Aisel also expressed her satisfaction about work with him:

“For a long time, we have all been in an emotional state of tears in connection with the events in the country.
Unfortunately, in the last month, along with the good news, there have been tragic events that have had a profound effect on each of us.  I admit that the idea to write about current events did not come immediately, but after the terror attacks in Ganja, where civilians, including children were hit,  it made a deep impression on me and I wanted to write a song that was really emotional and touching.

In the process of preparing the songs, the city of Barda was also fired upon, where children were killed as well , and we decided to dedicate the project to the memory of children who were victims of the Armenian aggression. “

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Worth to note that the music and lyrics of the song belong to the singer.  The ghazal in the mugam part was written by Khosrov Sartibi.
The arrangement is by Emin Karim,  traditional instruments tutek and balaban are also used in production. 

Yat Rahat – Translation 

You didn’t get the taste of life
As they broke your wings and arms
My pure,innocent baby
What have you done?
Your motherland is crying
Blood won’t remain
Angel flew to the sky
Sleep well, rest in peace

You blossomed too early
Yet faded too early
Injustice covered you with blood
You faded away as a bud
Now sleep well, baby, rest in peace.

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