TuralTuranX will be representing Azerbaijan with the song “Tell me More” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Who are TuralTuranX? You can get details about them on this video:

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The brothers were born on October 30th 2000 in Zagatala. Their father was prone to the foreigner music and their elder brother always listened to the new hits. All of these helped their musical taste to be shaped. When they were 13-14 years old Baghmanov brothers had a sympathy for the students studying at the art schools. The brothers performed on the stages of some schools and some events. However, the brothers had to throw away the music after their father passed away.

During these days they stopped listening to the trending songs and went deeper into the music itself. In their adolescence years they’ve listened to the rock bands like “Pink Floyd”, “Queen” and “Gun’s n Roses”.  After school they took the “Vocal profession” exams. Even though both of them passed the exam only Turan was accepted to Sumgayıt Music College.

Later, Tural moves to Baku. On July of 2019 Tural created a band called “TheRedJungle” together with his gitarist friend.

The band was invited to two events of “Yeraltı” project by İctimai TV. At Baku Sports Palace in front of 3000 people they have covered “Gəl ey Səhər” and they became a part of a few projects.

Turan later joins them on stage. Following this, Tural showed interest in the street art. He participated in the “Street artist” project held by State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Between 2021-2023 they have performed on some events. First they have performed as a vocalist together with the orchestra of Sumgayıt Music College. Then they’ve sung songs on “Late Summer Jam” concert held by “YARAT” at the  Yarat Contemporary Art Center. Finally they were guest performers on the “Karaoke Special” broadcasted by ARB TV.

Speaking of creativity and skills the brothers who enjoy punk and rock genres can play with instruments like guitar, bass guitar, upright piano and harmonica. 

The brothers also have acting skills. First they have starred in 2 episodes of “Ifşa Çətin Hədəf” as twins aired by ARB TV. In 2022 they played as singing marines in a New years special of AZTV. They have also played some parts on their own music videos and short films.
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