In the months leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, the participating countries have already begun preparations for the songs, and some countries have even approved their songs and released a music video.
This year, as every year, our country is preparing for the most prestigious music competition in Europe in a “closed” way, and it is safe to say that it makes us impatient enough. No, this is not criticism, this is just a method of choice and a point that we must treat with respect. However, as you know, according to media reports, our entry is already on the verge of approval. This means that Efendi will deliver the voice of Azerbaijan from Rotterdam to the whole of Europe with one of the selected songs.

With its professional and careful approach, Azerbaijan has managed to win the hearts of the European audience from the first day of its participation. If you look at the songs performed by memorizing languages, the young performers who will be an example to many with their beauty and self-confidence on stage, the synthesis of ethnicity with modern music, professional hosting and beautiful music videos organized by Eurovision, we can feel that we have a point.

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Even the performances, which we accepted as poorly and achieved low results, each of them contains a specific detail. The miraculous accompaniment of a balaban in the song “Start a Fire” or a magical performance that reminds one of the loved ones and encourages them to stay high like a mountain in “X My Heart”

More can be said about such details. But the most important detail is the music. Along with the music itself, its form of presentation is also very essential. Music can be presented with music video, or a lyric video or even with a live performance. The presentation of the music allows the audience to understand both the meaning of the song and the inner world of the singer. Realizing this, Azerbaijan has shot interesting clips from each other in different styles and scenarios every year. Let’s start with the previous year…

“Gobustan” is a monument of history and a museum under the resolute sky. Yes, we couldn’t find a better place for the clip! If we read about the last queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, who still ruled the deserts with her splendor. As you know, last year’s song was a hit, combining many genres of music. We are not mistaken in saying that Europe has been talking about Azerbaijani songs as much as we are not used to seeing in recent years. Since today’s article is related to the clips, we will not go into the details of the music. Our main target is the clip.

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The director of the music video for Cleopatra’s song is Alex Lamak from the Netherlands, and the executive producer is Isa Malikov. The song was shot in late February in the frosty Gobustan desert. Most importantly, 90 percent of the team involved in making the clip were our local citizens. From the stylist, to the dancer, to the videographer, to the lighting. It should be noted that the team is the first team to unite so many Azerbaijanis.

Combining gemstones, gothic and elegant, as well as modern, retro details and clothing, this form of presentation also hypnotized the audience visually. Most importantly, we didn’t even know when the song ended. Probably if we listened to this song without the clip, it would sound like a thunderous mixed song. But the image of the elegant and determined woman in the clip managed to impress us with her beauty and dance from beginning to end. It should be noted that even the main choreographer in the clip belongs to Emin, the chief choreographer of the Emus Dance Center.

What awaits us this year?

We are sure that after last year’s great work, everyone’s expectations are very high. As we mentioned earlier, the popularity of the song is a matter of time. But the clip? As we know, international flights have been suspended due to the pandemic. This gives us reason to say that this year the number of local people in the same team will increase even more. For many years, the stereotypes of “foreigners”, which have caused dissatisfaction among local fans, seem to be broken this year. Of course, depending on the chosen song, many changes are possible, even the exact opposite. After all, this is Eurovision – full of surprises and mysteries.

Most of the people who are working on this year’s song you already know. (If you don’t know, let’s mention at least 2 people, including Isa Malikov and Rustam Rzayev.) But the main thing is the clip. For a long time, clips of our country were shot abroad. Although it is generally bitter, it must be admitted that he was the only local performer. This was subjectively irritating to some. Now the pandemic has allowed us to enrich our team. Of course, we cannot say much about these issues, as they are the internal affairs of the staff. But one issue is open to debate. Clip space. We can already say with confidence that the clip will be shot in Azerbaijan. (At least if the airline is not restored) Depending on the context of the song, the plot and location may change. But here we, as a team, wanted to express our views on 5 places where our video can be shot. Let’s take a look at the selected areas:

  1. Indoor Studio – This experience is not new to us. Most of our clips were shot indoors. Chingiz’s song “Truth” – in Ukraine, Samra’s song “Miracle” was selected in a closed studio by experts from 35 countries, recorded in the studio with only one camera and released on March 13. At the same time, Dilara’s song “Start a Fire” was recorded in a monotonous way, containing hidden messages.
    The most important of these clips is “Drip-Drop”. It is estimated that this is the most expensive Azerbaijani Eurovision song. Both the magnificent mansion and the costumes fascinated the audience. It was not in vain to be a favorite. The video was shot in Kiev and took 37 hours to make.
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2. Baku – simple as it may sound, our beautiful Baku and surrounding areas are full of both historical and modern-futuristic places for music videos. Even the Baku-Metro belongs here, there is an opportunity to shoot a clip on any scenario everywhere.

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3. Karabakh – Shusha – a place where everyone smiles and reads in their hearts. This country, which has been separated from us for 27 years, has a high potential for music videos and movies. This clip will be a slap in the face to all the enemies who insult us, whether it is Igna and Anusha or Iveta. When it comes to future reactions, we have the right to do anything there. It is our sovereign territory. The enemy will simply look and “dislike” his anger. (Intrigue and the resulting popularity) Even without the clip, we are probably all waiting for the nuance that will affect the enemy. Even if it’s an ordinary photo session.

4. Sheki – this historic city in the heart of the mountains is not far behind Greece. In 2018, Aisel’s music video was shot in Greece. The castles and caravanserais in Sheki are the ideal place for an ethnic song.

5. Home – It’s a bit scary, maybe it’s a word for us, but in recent days, many celebrities make music videos from home. In fact, it is not so bad. Depending on the genre of the song, it can be used.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the articles are the author’s own subjective opinions and assumptions. You can cause any idea by sharing your thoughts and ideas. Dilara Kazimova said: “Even the smallest spark ignites a fire”

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