Singer, songwriter and also Eurovision commentator Murad Arif talked about the songs that represented us at his interview for AStar . He also mentioned that he wants to represent Azerbaijan one day.

When the interviewer asked “Did you want to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest?” the singer replied “Yes , it’s a great experience. You have great meetings, press conferences and get an amazing stage practice during that 3 months

He also added “Most of them go to Eurovision but can’t benefit from it. I could go there and became like Sertab Erener and Kenan Doğulu”

If I could go to Eurovision I would have my ideas and terms . For example, they send “crazy”singers with “dead” songs. Like Samra and Dilara. Then Aisel represented us. A girl with deep and meaningful musical world represented us with a sweet pop which couldn’t even qualify .We could present a girl with a beautiful voice like her with a better work.

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I think I could present my turkic identity,Azerbaijani identity with an up-tempo song and it could be a hit and people could enjoy it.

But here something stands in front of a person. Sometimes other persons, sometimes different opinions. We are being represent by “Best models” , “Men with abs”, ” Girls with beautiful legs” Why? What’s wrong with the “overweight guys”?”

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