Our Eurovision 2016 representer Samra is one of the several azeri ladies standing out with her style of singing. Samra is embracing contemporary music style – hip-hop. She has released one single after another after seeing public’s mass enthusiasm towards her new genre.

This time, Samra released a new single worthy of our victory. “Shusha we have returned” titled hip-hop single is written and composed by OD. Mix& Mastering belong to Drek. Ilaha Bakshiyeva is the director of the project, she is also Samra’s mother.

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This single is about a historical city which is substantially saint and emotionally important for all Azerbaijani people. Shusha city had fallen to Occcupant Armenian Army in 1992 . Population of city were killed during 10 days fight due to hard shelling of the city. More than 40.000 azeris had forcibly been replaced from their homes by the joint forces of separatist armenian army and ASALA terror group.

City had faced mass destruction and all ethnic azeri houses got burnt. After 27 years, Azerbaijan has implemented UN Security Council’s resolutions demanding unconditional withdrawal of Armenian Armed Forces from occupied and internationally recognized parts of Azerbaijan.

Nontheless, Azerbaijani people eventually liberated cradle of music and Music Academy of The Caucasus from illegal occupation. Samra highlights some points in her new single by dissing toxic Armenian diaspora spreading fake news about their illegal activities.

Here is some lyrics from the lyrics:
Shusha We Are Back :
We are back home, get it

We are the Khantes of Karabakh
We are coming,you better know us
We’ve raised the flags on the top of mountains
God protects us

Call your neighbor for the help
My head always stands high
Don’t raise your flag again
I’m gonna bring it down

Look! Bomb !Boom! Run
On the top floor, Hu! Ha!
I don’t know who backs you
But, he presented sheep to the wolf

Learn a lesson, stop, look
By putting a sack on your head
I will bring you to my feet
Cuz you still have money to give

Shusha misses us
Shusha misses us

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