The postcard concept of Eurovision 2021 has been announced.  According to the opening theme, the Dutch team, the organizer of the Eurovision 2021 Song Contest, is looking for sightseeings  to walk around the country to film postcards.

Pre-planned trips for postcard drawings were postponed before the competition was canceled last year.  Since it is not yet clear whether the artists will travel to the Netherlands for the video shoot, the Core Team has already decided to choose a different concept.

Garben Bakker, chairman of the organization:

“This year, the artists will be presented to the public with paintings taken in their countries.  These images will be displayed in a frame called “a small house”.  A house suitable for the performer will be built in different parts of the Netherlands so that we can get to know them better.”

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Let’s open to the world!
“Our rooms have been one of the most important places for us this year. At the same time, we will open our homes to the world. We are looking for unique areas in the Netherlands for these homes with which we can show the world the charming beauty of our country.”

The organizers of the competition are looking for suitable and popular places for photography.  However, places that are hidden and have breathtaking beauty are not excluded.  As the shootings will cover a wide range, the main priority is to have enough free space around the house, to build the house there and to shoot comfortably.

The organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest are looking for photogenic places, preferably outdoors.  “Places may be well-known places, but we are certainly open to gems that have yet to be discovere” Gerben said.  “Because the recordings will be large and large, we need to have enough space around the house to film them.”

These places are preferably registered by the municipal or regional authorities.  Presentations of private property are welcomed, but proposals submitted jointly with the municipality are more likely to be selected.  “So surprise us and sign up to show your secret paradise to 180 million television viewers in Europe,” Bakker concluded.

Note that registration for Dutch citizens ends at the end of December.  Shootings starts in  March and April

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