A new Eurovision season is coming closer everyday. We have already heard the first songs that came from Albania which means that national selections season is closer than we thought. But what do we know about upcoming contest so far? We have collected all the information we know for today.

A few weeks ago, on 26 October the list of participating countries has been revealed. All the 41 countries which meant to take part in “Eurovision 2020” will take the stage in 2021! Ahoy Arena of Rotterdam will host all the three show between 18th and 22th of May 2021.

The stage designed by by German stage designer Florian Wieder, who also designed stages in 2011-2012, 2015 and 2017-2019, for “Eurovision 2020” also will be carried over to next year, because that was already prepared.

In the middle of September it was also announced that there are 4 possible scenarios for the upcoming contest. They were created by the organizers in order to escape the situation which they faced in March this year when COVID-19 pandemic has been spreaded all over the Europe and caused the cancellation of the “Eurovison 2020” for the first time in history.

The final decision for the scenario will be made in January depending on pandemic.

And finally yesterday the Reference Group of the Eurovision Song Contest has agreed to not to proceed with a new Allocation Draw in January. That means all the countries drawn to perform in Semi-Finals 1 and 2 this year will remain in the same show for Rotterdam 2021. The Big 5 and The Netherlands will also vote in the same Semi-Final as drawn last year.

Azerbaijan will take part in the second part of the First Semi-Final which will be held in May, 18 (Germany, Italy and The Netherlands also vote in this Semi).

Current situation with the all participating countries looks like on the table below. 19 countries (including Azerbaijan) confirmed 2020’s representatives for the next year. Meanwhile 11 will reselect their representative through the national selection. And 11 countries are yet to chose which method they will use.

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