Junior Eurovision Warsaw 2020


The Netherlands is the next country that chose it’s representative for the “Junior Eurovision 2020” that will take place on November, 29.

Dutch national selection has just taken place in Ahoy Arena where “Eurovision 2021” will take place. As the result of children jury (33.3%), adult jury (33.3%) and viewers (33.3%) voting the winner was determined.

It was supposed to be the final with 4 participants, but a few hours before the show Robin & Demi had to leave the contest as their COVID-19 test was positive. It was one more change due to COVID-19. However, adult jury member Emma Hester’s test results were also positive, so Fenna Ramos replaced her.

The finalists:

  • Unity – Best Friends
  • Jackie and Janae – It’s You And Me
  • T-Square – Count on Me

The adult jury members:

  • Duncan Laurence – Winner of Eurovision 2019
  • Fenna Ramos
  • Ronnie Flex – Rapper

The children jury members:

  • Matheu – Represented the Netherlands in Junior Eurovision 2019
  • 6Times (Gioia, Yosina, Roxy, Idaila, Noa and Amy) – Runners-up of Junior Songfestival 2019

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