Junior Eurovision Warsaw 2020


Sofia Feskova has become the winner of Russian national selection and will represent country at upcoming “Junior Eurovision 2020” in Warsaw on November, 29!

Eleven contestants in total have competed for the name of representative of Russia at “Junior Eurovision 2020” and Sofia Feskova has finished at the top of scoreboard based on jury and online voting. Each of the voting categories made up 50% of total votes. The full ranking of jury voting will be revealed tomorrow, meanwhile Rutger Garekht has become the winner of online voting that was closed yesterday.

Full list of competitors:

  • Sоfia Feskоva – Moy Noviy Den;
  • Аrseniy Slesarev – Chto Ty Nadelala, Baby?;
  • Аrtem Fоkin – Vozmi Moyu Ruku;
  • Sоfia Shkyopu – Alise;
  • Аrtem Mоrоzоv – Leti;
  • Rutger Garekht – Doroga – Moya Sudba;
  • Duet “LitlZ” (Mihail Kоval & Pоlina Kоrоleva) – Pervaya Ljubov;
  • Sergey Filin & Verоnika Litоvchenkо – V Trendah TikTоk;
  • Sоfia Tumanоva – Bolshe Sveta;
  • Genysh (Gennadiy Pereverdiyev) – Nastrоenie Panda;
  • Sоfia Kirsenkо – Prosto Zhit.

This will be the first time that Russia will not be represented by online voting winner since Academy of Igor Krutoy has started to organize the national selection.

You can listen to the song here.

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