Junior Eurovision Warsaw 2020


Kazakh national selection just took place, and as the result of combined voting of juries and viewers the winner was determined. Karakat Bashanova will represent Kazakhstan at upcoming “Junior Eurovision 2020” that will take place in Warsaw on November, 29 with the song “Forever”.

Twelve contestants in total took part in this competition and after the professional jury and viewers voting Karakat has become the leader of scoreboard with the song “Forever”.

Full list of participants:

  • Saniya Altynbekkyzy;
  • Karakat Bashanоva;
  • Adiya Burhanоva;
  • Kamila Gazizkyzy;
  • Jean Makim;
  • Akzhibek Manarbekkyzy;
  • Aiym Mukitanova;
  • Islam Saipolda;
  • Mahinur Tursunоva;
  • Aydana Zhumazhan;
  • Nurshat Kusanоva;
  • Tleubek Ajkerim.

It will be the third time that Kazakhstan joins participation countries at “Junior Eurovision”. After their debut in 2018 where Daneliya Tuleshova became 6th, Erzhan Maxim has got the best result for the country finishing second in 2019.

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