A few days ago, we have heard some rumors about Eleni’s participation at Eurovision Song which made all fans content. It is said that the singer was offered by the broadcaster and the song preparation has already begun. Unfortunately, according to the Greek club OikTimes, “Panik Records” has confirmed that Eleni Foureira will not represent Cyprus in 2021.

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“Panic Records” has recently contributed to the creation of some “Eurovision” songs from Greece and Cyprus. The songs premiered on this channel for the first time. Fuego (Cyprus 2018), Replay (Cyprus 2019) and more. It should be noted that AISEL’s song “X My Heart”, which represented Azerbaijan in 2018, was also premiered on this channel for the first time.

You shouldn’t be disappointed, as Ivi Adamou, Helena Poporouzi , Colomira and Sakis Rouvas, who have previously performed at “Eurovision” stage, have expressed their desire to return to the competition as well.

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