Irish “Eurovision 2020” star, performer of “Story Of My Life” Lesley Roy that unfortunately didn’t travel to Rotterdam as the contest got cancelled, is preparing for the next year’s contest.

Despite that broadcaster of Ireland didn’t give any official information about the contest yet, Lesley Roy had some songwriting sessions and hopes to be chosen for “Eurovision 2021”.

As reports, the ‘Story Of My Life’ singer is currently in Sweden working on the track that’s going to bring the competition home to Ireland.

We’re still up-tempo,” Lesley said “We’re trying to keep it as positive as possible because we need it now more than ever

The singer continued: “People really resonated with “Story of My Life” and the world has gotten even darker over the past six months so I’m trying to keep the vibe positive

However, Lesley warned that an emotive Eurovision ballad may just surprise her in the next few weeks as she works on the next earworm.

I wish I had a crystal ball and could say exactly what the sound will be but I’m definitely keeping it as a big banger, either a fun pop song or a big ballad.

Former “Eurovision” stars as Norwegian Jowst and Finnish Lasse Piirainen are also involved in the creation of “perfect “Eurovision” song“.

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