Eurovision Rotterdam 2021


As reports the managers of the record label “Panik Records”, singer Eleni Fureira and songwriter Alex Papakonstantinou, who will urgently arrive in Athens from Sweden for this purpose, will have a meeting next week.

It supposed to be a first meeting of all this members in order to discuss the proposal of RIK that was made for Eleni. Well-known songwriter Alex Papakonstantinou will suggest several songs that possibly can represent Cyprus at the “Eurovision 2021”.

The news about the representation of Cyprus by Eleni Foureira for the second time, has spread a wave of excitement not only to all the fans of the singer but also to the Eurofans.

The members of RIK have negotiation with the singer’s managers, “Panik Records”. They are discussing the possibility of repeating their flawless and successful collaboration that they did in 2018.

In fact, next week Eleni Foureira and “Panik Records” are expected to meet with composer Alex Papakonstantinou, the creator of “Fuego”, “Replay” “La La Love” who will take part in the Cypriot participation in 2021, and will make a lightning trip to Athens to discuss the song.

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