Raylee who won the sympathy and love of many with her fiery and energetic performance, was caught on wiwiblogs cameras while writing a song with composers in Malmö, where the daughter of Savannah raised the temperature of the stage in the cold Scandinavian lands.

Laurel Barker, Frazer Mac, Andreas Stone, Thomas Stengaard, Andrez Wrethov and Raylee are working hard on the song in the studio. It should be noted that the named authors are no strange to the Eurovision contest. The composer, Fraser, has previously brought Switzerland the best of recent years, including the sexy and crazy “She Got Me” by Luca Hanni, known as the “male Foureria”, and this year’s song “Empires” by Alicia from Poland.

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Andrez is the author of the song “Fuego” by Eleni Fourera, who became the queen of Eurovision and one of the main figures of the contest, who astonished the whole of Europe with her dynamic and fiery air.

Of all song-writers Andreas have written John Lundvik’s “Too Late for Love” and “My Turn” and Lauell (She Got Me, Sister and Bigger Than Us), the only female composer having three songs at Eurovision in the same year.

Raylee’s stage presence, amazing beauty, and energetic dancing, with this combination of composers who write songs that amaze fans every year are harbinger of another marvellous BOP . Who knows. Maybe they will surprise fans with a ballad?

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