“Eurovision 2011” winner Eldar releases his new single called “Catch If You Fall”.

The lyrics were written by Eldar Gasimov himself, the music composed by Farhad Musayev, Eldar Gasimov and Omar Abdulkerimov. The song is written in the Emotional Pop and Swedish Pop genres.

This song is about the physical and mental help. Singer talks about Tells about willpower and desire to fight to the end for the mutilated and wounded bodies and souls of people that are close to him.

“I’ll catch if you fall, I’m there for you” – the line from the song is promising.

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Note that the song previously was written for the “Eurovision 2020” to represent Azerbaijan and finished in top-5 of internal selection. Unlike Eldar’s version of the song, the version for “Eurovision” included Azerbaijani national instrument like Balaban.

“It’s easy to close your eyes and pretend everything is fine. Easy and cowardly. There are people who need us, our word, our deed. I want everyone to have enough strength and opportunity to help someone at least once in their life” – says the singer.

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The music video for the song “Catch If You Fall” is made in the genre of Action. The video tells the story of a guy desperately trying to save a young girl from drug addiction and dangerous people around. The clip was filmed in 4 locations in Baku. Video directors and scriptwriters – Ganbar Mamedov, Omar Abulkerimov; The main roles were performed by Eldar, Okhchu Shakhmuradov, Marina Dar.

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