Albania’s official public broadcaster RTHS has confirmed Albania’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Following the tradition, Albania will choose its Eurovision face with the Festival Kenges national selection round. The festival is usually held in November-December, which in turn distinguishes Albania, the land of eagles, as the country with the most participants and the fastest known song. Currently, the pandemic competition will be held in accordance with existing rules.

Last year, Arilene Ara – “Fall from the sky” – had to represent Albania in the competition with her professional, strong and charming vocalists. The resumption of the competition means that she will have to try her luck for the second time with a new song, at least if she is yet determined to represent her country again.

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It should be noted that the acceptance of songs for the competition is still ongoing. Writers and performers can send their songs to Radio Tirana or until October 2.

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