Junior Eurovision Warsaw 2020


The candidates for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest Russia have been announced. The selection rounds were held at the Ugor Krutoy Academy in Moscow. Eleven of the juniors who participated in the preliminaries qualified for the grand final. Participants came from different regions of Russia. The children who successfully passed the selection are as follows

  1. Sofia Feskova
  2. Arsen Sleasrev
  3. Artem Fokin
  4. Sofia Shkepu
  5. Artem Morozov
  6. Rutget Garecht
  7. Duet Little Z
  8. Sergey Filin and Veronuca Litovchenko
  9. Sofia Tumanova
  10. Genych
  11. Sofia Kiresonko

Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on September 25. The winner will be determined by voting – 50 percent of the audience, 50 percent of the jury. Once all the participants’ songs have been released to the public, the online voting for the audience will begin and end in the end of competition. Tatyana Mezhentseva and Denberel Oozark represented Russia in last year’s competition with the song “A time fot us”, finished 13th with 72 points. Although they were 15th in the jury with 15 points, they finished 8th in the online voting with 57 points

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