Interview with the representative of Ukraine at “Junior Eurovision 2020” Oleksandr Balabanob was published yesterday on our YouTube channel. Ukrainian young artist Oleksandr who will represent his country in the upcoming “Junior Eurovision” in Warsaw with the song “Vidkryvai” has answered our questions about his participation in the national selection and the plans for the main contest.

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During the interview Oleksandr talked about his reaction after the winning the contest, his first “Eurovision” experience and so on.

Young singer said that he is “kind of sad that he won’t go to Warsaw as format of the contest changed” but he is still positive thinks “that there are also affirmative sides of this decision as it will be easier with the logistics of the staging”.

Talking about his favorite Azerbaijani entry Ukrainian singer has mentioned Chingiz that represented the country in 2019 with the song “Truth”:

“Actually, the most memorable for me was Chingiz because he had a really good song and his performance was made by Ukrainian guys that I’ve already worked with. And he was really good.”

When interviewer asked him whether the same team will work with his staging or not, Oleksandr said that he “don’t know it yet but everything is possible”.

Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel.

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