The representative of Azerbaijan at “Eurovision 2018” talked about the contest in one of her latest interviews.

Aisel gave a new interview to Azerbaijani news site During the conversation interviewer asked her about her thoughts of Eurovision’s role in her life:

– Before the participation you said that contest has nothing with career development. What do you think about it now?

– I wanted to say that the results have nothing to do with it. But there were many positive aspects in my life that contest gave me. I gained more audience, and this audience is with me, supporting me till now . I became well known in the world media. From this point of view “Eurovision” gave me a lot.

Singer also talked about her latest singles in Azerbaijani that became quite popular in last months. She said that her team didn’t expect this kind of reaction from the audience. And the first single “Demə mənə neyləyim” was an experiment when they dropped its snippet. Aisel says as it got a good reaction so they decided to release the full song.

The warm reaction of audience and the popularity that her latest singles got, gives her and her team inspiration for the next projects they have:

“I express my deep gratitude for their support. The audience supported me a lot for last 3-4 months, and with their support, I find strength in myself and create the next projects, thank you very much.”.

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