The first episode of Georgian national selection “Ranina” for “Junior Eurovision 2020” was just broadcast.

All the participants performed with guest artists and here are the results:

1. Rato Gelovani and Sandro Bibich – Mtats’minda: 116 (40+40+36)
2. Gio Gogiashvili and Asea Sool – Tsitsinatela: 115 (40+40+35)
3. Nia Khinchikashvili and Mebo Nutsubidze – Sap’ovnela: 114 (40+40+34)
3. Lela Kveniashvili and Liza Kalandadze – Adamiani: 114 (40+40+34)
3. Sesili Turmanidze and Ialoni – P’op’uri: 114 (40+40+34).

There are going to be 10 episodes in total as the result of which, one of the 10 young artists will get an opportunity to represent his motherland.

The second episode will be broadcast next Friday.

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