• 5 Sen 2020

ZHARA MUSIC AWARDS 2020” founded by Emin Agalarov took place yesterday in Moscow. During the press-conference many questions were asked to the stars. Famous singer, composer and producer Philipp Kirkorov that worked with such entries as Russia in 2014, 2016 and 2019 has also participated in this conferece.

One of the journalists asked him about the third try of winning the contest with Sergey Lazarev that has already represented his country twice, in 2016 and 2019, and finished 3rd (with the 1st place in televote in 2016).

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“God loves a trinity, they say … I think that he (Lazarev) does not have this in his thoughts, but inside, somewhere, you still want to get satisfaction and finish off this competition. I promised to finish him… this Eurovision… I’ll take it! And I would like to do this with the best artist, in my opinion this is Lazarev” – said Kirkorov.

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Kirkorov has also mentioned well-known Azerbaijani singer JONY that was participating in this conference as well:

“Lazarev will represent Russia, JONY for Azerbaijan, I think…” – said producer.

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As the result Kirkorov underlined that if this happens, this time he will do everything to win the contest. And Lazarev is the best artist to do it with.

Also note that a few days ago Philipp announced that the preparations for the “Eurovision 2021” where he once again will cooperate with “Dream Team” have started. Most probably pop-start will prepare Moldova for the contest with Natalia Gordienko that was due to reprsent the country in 2020.

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