San Marino’s representative at the “Eurovison 2021” Senhit releases her next song from #FreakyTripToRotterdam project where the singer sings former eurovision songs in a new way and shoot the videos for them.

After “Cheescake” of Belarus 2014 and “Everyway That I can” of Turkey 2003 this time Senhit chose Dutch winner entry of 1975 year performed by Teach-In “Ding-A-Dong”.

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Producer Luca Tommassini took part in the creation of all 3 covers. In a music video we can see turning black-white TV into the colored world.

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As the result Senhit calls everyone to respect and protect personalities of each other. The video ends with the quote of Patrick Kenzie from the 2007’s film “Gone Baby Gone”: “I always believed it was the thing you don’t choose that make you who you are”.

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