Junior Eurovision Warsaw 2020


Earlier this summer it was announced that Georgia will use the show “Ranina” to determine its representative at “Junior Eurovision 2020”.

It will be the third year in a row that Georgian representative is chosen through this show.

There going to be 10 episodes in total as the result of which, one of the 10 young singers will get an opportunity to represent his motherland.

The list of contestants:

1. Gio Gogiashvili;
2. Lela Kveniashvili;
3. Marita Khvedelidze;
4. Nia Khinchikashvili;
5. Nikoloz Maghradze;
6. Rati Gelovani;
7. Sandra Gadelia;
8. Sesili Turmanidze;
9. Shio Kavsadze;
10. Veronika Shamugia.

Now the juries of the first episode that will be broadcast on September, 11 have been revealed:

1. Dato Evgenidze – head juror;
2. Elena Kalandadze – Georgian singer;
3. Giorgi Asanishvili – TV host.

You also can watch two minutes long videos on contest’s Facebook account.

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