The names of young performers who will compete for the right to represent Kazakhstan at the “Junior Eurovision 2020” have become known.

12 finalists of the national selection were chosen through an online voting on the project’s official website. The winner will travel to Poland under the Kazakh flag, where “Junior Eurovision 2020” song contest will take place on November, 29.

The list of the 12 participants that reached the final:

1. Saıpolda Islam;
2. Adıya Burhanova;
3. Jumajan Aıdana;
4. Manarbekkyzy Akjibek;
5. Makım Jan;
6. Aıym Mukıtanova;
7. Kamıla Gazızkyzy;
8. Sanıya Altynbekkyzy;
9. Mahınur Tursunova;
10. Kusanova Nurshat;
11. Tileubek Aıkerim;
12. Karakat Bashanova.

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Best composers from all over the country will write songs for them, which contestants will perform at the Grand Final on September, 26. The winner of the national selection will be determined by the jury’s (Isa Melikov is also among them) marks and the results of SMS voting.

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Debut of Kazakhstan at “Junior Eurovision” was made 2 years ago in 2018. That year the country was represented by Danelia Tuleshova with the song “Òzińe Sen” which got the sixth place. In 2019, Yerzhan Maxim took the second place with the composition “Armanyńnan Qalma”.

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